Three Important Things To Know About Property Restoration Before Getting Started

Buying low-cost “fixer-uppers” and then flipping them for profit is an increasingly popular wealth-building strategy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work the way in which investors want it to. Fix and flip houses can cost a lot of money to repair given that many of these homes are hiding major structural, plumbing, electrical, and foundation related issues. At Sagent Builders, we specialize in property restoration. That’s why we want to share several important things to know before you get started.

Not all renovation companies are created equally. In fact, the industry is rife with what are know as “cowboy builders”. These are fly-by-night organizations that often lack licensing, insurance, and traceable work histories. Worst still, they might charge amazing competitive rates, but they frequently request hefty payments upfront before completely disappearing. Thus, the first thing to know about renovating is that this is the most important time to vet contractors carefully.

It’s also important to note that not every residential renovation contractor in Westchester, IL is capable of handling all project types. For instance, if you have an older, historic home that you want to renovate, there may be very specific requirements concerning what you can and cannot do to the property. In this and other instances, it’s best to hire experienced professionals with an in-depth understanding of your project type.

Finally, not all renovation projects have to be scheduled all at once. You may have purchased an older home that’s in need of renovation and repairs simply because this was the most feasible way to achieve homeowners. If you’re looking to restore a primary residence, we can help you do so in feasible, manageable increments, and in a way that doesn’t compromise your ability to live in your purchase along the way.

We have extensive experience in our field and we’ve handled multiple job types. As a result, we’ve built a strong network of suppliers, contractors, and consultants, and we’ve learned how to expertly leverage these to the benefit of our clients. No matter how large, small, or complex your project may be, we can handle with the utmost professionalism while ensuring a truly superior outcome. Contact us today to find out more!

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