About Us

Proudly serving Chicago’s western suburbs, Sagent Builders handles a wide range of renovation projects including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, office spaces, and even entire homes. At Sagent Builders, we provide our clients with a stress-free construction process, from initial inception to project completion and post-construction cleanup.

When you partner with Sagent Builders for your remodeling project, we maintain a strong sense of personal responsibility throughout the entirety of the project. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, our quality craftsmanship, and our ability to work with clients to provide them with a truly customized and personalized service experience.

As a fully insured home remodeler and business remodeling company, Sagent Builders is dedicated to protecting your loved ones and your environment with a variety of tools, including the advanced HEPA system from BuildClean™ to remove 90% of airborne dust from a jobsite as well as Zipwall® dust barriers to prevent potentially harmful substances from invading your living or working space.

Sagent Builders has achieved the following accomplishments:

If you have any questions regarding our business or if you would like to discuss your next remodeling project with the experts at Sagent Builders, contact us at 708-345-3400 today.