Learn How To Turn Extra Space Into Income With A Trusted Home Addition Contractor In Chicago

Like many homeowners, you probably have a significant amount of space on your property that you aren’t using. Whether you’re a retiree or an ambitious investor, you may want to consider turning some of this usable area into additional living space. Adding on an in-law unit will give you a functional and profitable rental unit that’s easy to manage, and that won’t require the purchase of a second, entirely separate residence. At Sagent Builders, we want to help you learn more about the impressive benefits of working with a home addition contractor in Chicago.

Whether you’ve got an unused attic, a massive garage, or an unfinished basement, we can make your extra space work for you. Many of our top clients are people who’ve experienced unexpected changes in their family dynamics. They might have an adult child moving home or they may want to help an aging relative age-in-place by welcoming them into their own living environments.

With either of these situations, we can create spaces that have their own bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances. Our basement finishing projects and other services can even include prep work for the installation of multi-split, ductless air conditioners, and heat pumps. By assessing the layout of your property, your budget, and your goals, we can arrive at a design plan that works perfectly for you. We can even share ideas that we’ve gleaned from similar products to help you arrive at plans that are right in line with your needs

Some of our clients want to build structures that directly abut their living spaces. No matter what the nature of the magnitude of our projects may be, we always diligently follow local building codes and acquire all necessary permitting. This way, even if your goals for your property change in the future, your home will easily pass building inspections and lender appraisals.

For homeowners who want to tackle these projects in feasible increments, we can break our work down into manageable phases. There are countless ways to help you achieve your desired end without causing financial stress. Best of all, with our considerable experience as a residential design-build contractor, we also have a strong network of top-rated materials suppliers. This means that we can source the materials for your job at a reasonable cost and can pass impressive savings down to you. Call us today to learn more about our work history, the services we supply, and how we can help you.