Bathroom Remodeling Contractors In Westchester IL; Remodeling Tips For Seniors

merely boost its aesthetics, fix existing plumbing issues, and raise the value of your home. We are the leading bathroom remodeling contractors in Westchester IL, and we can help you make your washrooms safer.

Our team of highly skilled contractors works with hundreds of clients each year. One of the suggestions they always offer to senior citizens is to switch to higher toilets. The idea is to make the facility more accessible to people with knee problems. Naturally, the height of modern toilets makes it easier to stand afterward.

Then again, we recommend switching from knob faucets to lever faucets. They are easier to operate even if you have arthritis. Another change that would prove useful to arthritis patients is to switch from using bathtubs to using walk-in showers. In this case, we will install a shower seat or bench so you can rest and relax while bathing.

We make it our business to understand the needs of our clients when planning remodeling projects. After all, some seniors have more needs than others. There are features we insist on installing, especially when working with individuals who use wheelchairs.

Once you turn 50, installing safety rails in your washrooms is crucial. We can get handlebar rails installed next to your toilet to provide additional assistance when squatting or standing. Then again, more rails should be installed in the shower to make it easier for you to get in and out without risking a fall.

If need be, our specialists can change your flooring and install slip-resistant tiles. Installing more lights or using brighter bulbs may also be a good idea for seniors with vision problems. To get it right, invest in changes that will ensure your safety even as the years go by.

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